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Susan (Evan's mother) ♫
My son Evan has been taking piano lessons from Janna since he was in the 2nd grade and now he's in the 10th grade. He enjoys his lessons and looks forward to attending. He practices on his own and I feel his love of music has a lot to do with what a good teacher Janna is. She's very positive and encouraging. The recitals and auditions have helped Evan get more serious about playing for an audience - in a good way. I would highly recommend Janna to anyone looking for a piano teacher.

Milena (Michael's and Natalie's mother) ♫
My two children are students of A Plus Piano Studio. Zhanna is a dedicated and professional educator with her "signature" style. She knows how to keep children motivated and engaged through the lesson. Two-three times a year every child gets an opportunity to participate in school-wide performances and concerts. What I especially like about the school, is that despite a defined curriculum, its pace, length and frequency of lessons is adjusted for every student, depending on your goals and your child's abilities. Also, Zhanna is very good in communicating with parents. Highly recommend.

Eriko (Donovan's mother) ♫
My son (13 years old) enjoys piano lessons with Ms. Berman which will result in active learning and lasting techniques to reach him high level goal. She is very professional and teaches Classical and music theory for all levels & ages. Highly recommended.

Irina (Ben's mother) ♫
My son has been Janna's student for over 8 years now. She witnessed his progress in life and in music since he was 6 years old. Janna is a great instructor with all the fine touches that different students might require. The concerts that she puts together twice a year showcase the product of labor and love. My son always looks forward to take a part in the concert (although that is not required) and show what new progress he's made. He is a high school student now but despite his demanding schedule he wants to continue his musical education because it became an important part of his life.

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