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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Meet the Students

Ms. Berman 10 years since... Ms. Berman
December 2001
Christmas Recital
Mrs.Janna strongly believes that performance activities are very important part of her student's piano educational process.
Ms. Berman
March 2002
Josh Chen is a Winner of California State Performing Competition. The Grand Trofy! Congratulations, Josh!
November 22, 2002
"Dear Jana,
I am very pleased to be your student. Last but not least, much thanks to you, for having me recive the wonderful 'Double Grand Champion.'
Best Wishes, Rhed Shi"
May 2003
Ms. Janna and Richard Yee
"Thanks for Ms. Janna's teaching, so Richard could won 3rd Place. He has a lot of benifit from piano lessons. It teaches him how to work with problems. All thanks to Ms.Janna. She is very delicate, professional reacher. Richard is so lucky to have a teacher like Ms. Janna. Thanks and Congratulations!"
Nancy Yee (Richard's Mom)
December 2008
"My son, Donovan, enjoys piano lessons with Ms. Berman which will result in active learning and lasting techniques to reach him high level goal. She is very professional and teaches Classical music and theory for all levels & ages. Thank you, Janna!"
Eriko (Donovan's Mom)
Ms. Berman
December 2008 Winter Recital

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