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Every child can and should learn music as much as mathetamics, languages, sciences, history...

Statement of Policies and Procedures

INSTRUCTION ♫ Piano lessons include instruction in reading music, technique, interpretation, theory, sight-reading, and ear training. It is my goal to fully develop the student's musical potential. A minimum of two recitals will be scheduled in a school year. Student's participation in concerts, recitals, competitions and other events is encouraged but not required.
PRACTICE ♫ Student should be punctual and prepared for each lesson. A minimum of a half hour of daily practice is recommended, with one to two hours for advanced students. The parent should provide a piano in good condition, a bench or chair at correct height for student. Location of the piano should allow for uninterrupted practice and provide adequate lighting.

1-hour lesson: $75
45-min lesson: $56
30-min lesson: $40

PAYMENT POLICY ♫ Fees are payable monthly and due in advance on the first lesson of each month to avoid a 10% late fee. I accept cash, checks, PayPal. Make check payable to Zhanna Berman.
ATTENDANCE ♫ Due to my heavy schedule, please make every effort to attend all lessons at the assigned time. Students are obligated to fulfill monthly lesson total. For example, if your lesson is every Thursday and the current month has 4 Thursdays, you are obligated to have 4 lessons that month. If there are 5 Thursdays, then 5 lessons are obligated. With that being said, I'm happy to reschedule and make-up a lesson to accommodate scheduling conflicts. (Exceptions are the month of July and the first two weeks of August, where I understand vacation time is expected, but you may not skip lessons during the school year.)
There will be no make-up lessons for lessons cancelled the same day of the lesson. A make up lesson is possible only in such serious cases as illness, emergency or if notification has been given 24 hours prior to the lesson.
TARDINESS ♫ Tardiness is not possible because the next student must start his lesson on time.
VACATIONS ♫ Lessons will continue through the summer. Please give at least one-month notice if a student will miss lessons due to a vacation. If you wish to reserve the assigned lesson time after vacation a tuition payment for next month after vacation is required.
LESSON TERMINATION ♫ I reserve the right to terminate piano lessons if a student repeatedly misses lessons or fails to practice. A one-month trial period will precede the termination. Lessons terminated by the student require a one-month notice.

Policy is subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation.

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